OBGYN: Cardiotocograph

CTG (Cardiotocograph)

- Graphical record of fetal heart sounds, uterine contractions and fetal movements.

The CTG Machine:

- Has 1 screen and 3 probes

  1. Cardio probe: to detect fetal heart sounds.
  2. Toco Probe: detects strength and frequency of uterine contractions
  3. Fetal movement probe: The mother is asked to press a button each time she feels her baby move.

Fetal heart rate (FHR):

- Normal: 120-160 beats/min (Range of the baseline fetal heart rate)

- FHR < style="">Bradycardia

- FHR > 160 beats/min is Fetal Tachycardia

Acceleration: An increase in FHR of at least 15 beats/min lasting for at least 15 seconds

Deceleration: A decreased in FHR of at least 15 beats/min lasting for at least 15 seconds. There are three types of deceleration, Types I, II and III.

Toco: Uterine Contractions:

- Range: 0 to 100 mm H2O

- 20 to 40 mm H2O- Mild contractions

- 40 to 60 mm H2O- Moderate contractions

- 60-100 mm H2N- Severe contractions

Note: Uterine contractions are recorded at # of contractions/10 minutes.

The time between two dark red lines on the CTG paper is taken as 10 minutes.

Indications for CTG:

  1. Done at the time of admission
  2. Done again at the time of induction of labor


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