Vaccination Schedule according to WHO and EPI

*just remember the only difference between both of these schedules is that in EPI, you cannot administer DPT after 2 years in a child.
In WHO, DPT can be given to children up to the age of 6 years.

*if measles is an epidemic, a child can be given the measles vaccination at 6-7 months. It is not recommended to give before this age mainly because the child has preformed antibodies from the mother. Do remember to make a note on giving the child measles vaccination, and make sure to still follow up with vaccinating with measles at 12 and 18 months.

*if a child is malnourished, measles vaccination is allowed to be administered at around 5 and a half to six months. But again, do make a note on giving the child this vaccination, and make sure to follow up with administering measles at 12 and 18 months.

The schedule thus is as follows:

Birth- OPV0, BCG
6 weeks- OPV1, Pentavalent 1 (DPT1, HepB1,Hib1)
10 weeks- OPV2, Pentavalent 2(DPT2, HepB2,Hib2)
14 weeks- OPV3, Pentavalent 3 (DPT3, HepB3,Hib3)
12 months-measles
18 months-measles.

*pentavalent vaccine consists of DPT, Hep B and Hib.


1- A mother comes with 18 month daughter with no vaccinations, except for NID.
-start with BCG, give OPV1 and Pentavalent 1, and measles 1. Follow child as according to schedule, after every 4 weeks. only give measles 2 after 6 months of having recieved measles 1.

*Remember to still give OPV as EPI and WHO do not clash with the NID.

2-3 years according to EPI schedule?
-first contact, BCG, OPV1, Measles 1. Do not give Pentavalent as according to EPI DPT cannot be given to the child who is above the age of 2 years. Parents will have to get Hep B, Hib and DT seperately.

NOTE- Diarrhea does not contraindicate vaccinations. If OPV is administered at 4 weeks and a child has diarrhea, ask the mother to bring the child back 2 weeks later for another does of OPV. The child should be followed up for next vaccinations after 2 more weeks as scheduled for following vaccinations. Also, always make a note of vaccinations adminstered.


  1. Note: This is EPI schedule Scheme B