A case of 36 year old with seizures and motor deficits

CNS lymphoma
Image Copyright of Radiological Society of North America
Question: A 36 year old male presented with seizures and motor deficits. MRI scan of his brain revealed a homogeneously enhancing mass in the frontal lobe. Histological examination of the mass revealed it to be a B cell lymphoma. The most useful investigation in this patient would be to test for?

a. Epstein-Barr virus
b. Cytomegalovirus
c. Herpes simplex
d. HIV
e. Respiratory syncytial virus

Correct answer: (d) HIV

Immunocompromised patients are found to have a primary CNS lymphoma and 90% of such lymphomas are associated with EBV infection. In the above stated causes, HIV is a common cause of immunodeficiency. EBV (a)  itself does not lead to a primary CNS lymphoma unless the patient is immunodeficient in the first place.

Cytomegalovirus (b) or CMV is associated with retinitis and/or interstitial pneumonia. It is not associated with lymphoma.

HSV (c) and RSV (e) are not associated with lymphomas.


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